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A passionate storyteller, Olya's work spans nature conservation, dance, 2SLGBTQIA+ rights, disability advocacy, feminism, war. Through her art, advocacy and social work, she blends her creativity with the desire to make our world a better place - one story at a time.

Pristine Seas (_natgeopristineseas) Play.png

National Geographic Pristine Seas
Hudson Bay Expedition

2nd Camera Operator: Olya Glotka

Cinematographer: Tony Wallace

Editor: Brian Newell

In 2022, we were honored to conduct an expedition to support Indigenous and regional partners in a series of proposed marine protections in Canada’s northeastern regions.

Singing our way - Being Ukrainian

A reflection on culture, identity, community & resilience

Director, Cinematographer: Olya Glotka

Produced with the help of Capital Ukrainian Festival and Folk Camp community. This piece explore what it is like to be Canadian-Ukrainian, living in between multiple identities, peace and war.

Can-Ukr Play 2.png
Contact Without Borders Play.png

Contact Without Borders

A series of interviews with women about their craft and their path

Director, Cinematographer, Editor: Olya Glotka

A short film captured between 3 continents, linking people to one another through the common language of  touch, connection and dance. Documented in Israel, Palestine, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Spain and Ukraine, the film is asking every participant: How do we meet? What do we share? What do we hide? 

Women Cinematographers

Camera Operator, Editor: Olya Glotka

Director: Joan Hutton

A series of interviews with female cinematographers sharing their stories about coming up in the male-dominated film camera department and making a difference in the field.

Joan Play.png
Snoopy Ballroom Play 2.png

"Snoopy" - The Wizzard of Vogue

Director, Cinematographer: Olya Glotka 

Producer: Dance Ontario

Follow the journey of Matthew "Snoopy" Cuff, a multidisciplinary artist from Toronto with the drive to build bridges, break molds, while spreading the reach of Ballroom culture. 

National Kids Cancer Ride

Director, Cinematographer: Olya Glotka

Producer: Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation 

In 2017 Olya followed a team of cyclists travelling across Canada to raise awareness and funds for kids cancer research. Commeorating those children who passed away due to cancer, the film characters share their pain and their hope for the future.

NKCR 20`7 Play 1.png
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