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Olya Glotka

Olya Glotka is a Ukrainian-born, Toronto-based award-winning filmmaker and storyteller. Her in-depth background in theatre, visual arts, creative writing and music gives her well rounded insights in how to tell stories with moving images. Her passion for movement infuses her concept of art. And her growing up in a country in turmoil informs her commitment to use her art form for social and political change. 


Over the last 7 years Olya directed and shot over 60 short dance films, 5 short form docs, 2 short films and 2 web-series. As well as most recently, a feature documentary film for National Geographic. She is dedicated to continued, life-long learning and always strives to surround herself with community, mentors and mentees.


She is driven by the power of storytelling to shift stories and affect social change. She is most inspired by movement and human connection. Deeply passionate about accessibility, diversity, women and 2SLGBTQ+ rights, she has been involved in social work in multiple ways be it through accessibility committees or being a volunteer counselor at a crisis centre. 


Through her art, her advocacy and social work, she blends her creativity with the desire to make our world a better place - one story at a time.

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